sbv“Softly Beautiful Valley” – This one hundred year old description of the Blue River Valley could surely have been coined atop Muggins Gulch. One of the most verdant and serene parcels of private land in all of Summit County.

Early maps from 1860-1900 mark Muggins Gulch above the mining settlement of Swan City and within the Golden Horseshoe an area encompassing some of the richest gold diggings in the Breckenridge Mining District. However, Muggins Gulch, an original 160 acre homestead, escaped the pickings and scrapings of the miners and remains as beautiful today as it was then. A testament to its beauty is its popularity as a wedding site for many years.

Now the developers of Muggins Gulch proudly offer for purchase nine exclusive homesites carefully sited on the picturesque parcel. Thoughtfully selected boundaries capture mesmerizing views and define the 3 acre homesites at Muggins Gulch while prescribed half acre disturbance envelopes ensure the preservation of its pristine alpine environment.

With the Colorado Trail passing through the northwest corner of the property residents have backyard access to unlimited outdoor adventure.